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Representing Injured Workers in Syracuse, New York with Lung Damage from workplace exposure

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  •  Are you suffering from an accidental or occupational lung disease? 
  • Are you losing time from work because of your inability to breathe?
  • Are you suffering from shortness of breath? Is your ability to perform work hindered? Are you treating with a pulmonologist for this condition that you believe is related to environmental exposure?
  • Are you concerned the insurance company is not covering your medical bills?knee injuries

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If you have suffered damage to your lungs as a result of your employment in the Syracuse, New York Area and have questions about whether you have a Workers' Compensation Claim, you need to have an attorney by your side who is experienced at handling controverted lung claims.

There are many professions that have exposure to chemicals and environmental irritants that can cause temporary and even permanent lung damage. Asthma, reactive airway disease, cancer, lung loss and other lung conditions can permanently affect your life both personally and professionally.

Lung damage oftentimes is irreversible and can lead to additional problems for the injured worker's health.

There are many professions that expose workers to toxic air chemicals and irritants that could possibly have an occupational disease of the lungs including: truck drivers, mechanics, farmers, and factory workers to name a few. These lung conditions could lead to permanent damage requiring expensive medical care and treatment that last a lifetime.

If you believe that your injury was a result of an occupational disease or due to an accident, you need to have an experienced workers compensation attorney by your side to ensure that your case is one and that you receive the medical care and payment of compensation that you deserve.

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We will fight for your rights and will take your work accident case to trial if necessary. When you do suffer an on the job injury, you want a lawyer with you who knows New York Workman's Comp Law and can make sure your rights are protected. Syracuse Workers Comp Attorney David Snyder
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