Section 32 Settlement Agreements

Do you have a Workers Compensation case that you want settled?
Section 32 Agreements are one method that cases can close in New York and you can receive a lump sum settlement to close your case once and for all.

If you are considering settling your Workers' Comp case, you need to have an experienced Syracuse lawyer dedicated to fighting for you by your side.

Frequently, injured workers do not want their case to go on. When a workers comp claimant wants their case to end, the most frequent way to close out the case is with what is known under New York Workers' Compensation Law as a Section 32 agreement.

The practical affect on your case is that the matter will close permanently indemnity payments for lost wages and most times it will also close out the medical coverage available to you for your injury.

Deciding whether to close out a case is not an easy one.  How much is your case worth? Is this the right decision for you? What if I need future medical coverage? What if I lose more time as a result of the injury? How will my injury be treated? What if I get another job? What if I'm injured again at work?

Not every case can close out with a Section 32 agreement due to numerous factors, but if you are interested in closing out your comp case, then you need to have a lawyer who will guide you through the process and help you make the best decision possible.

At the Snyder Law Firm we are dedicated to helping you make the critical decisions and to provide the necessary information to close out your case with a Section 32 Agreement if are ready to close your case and move on with your life.

An experienced Workers Compensation attorney will be able to assist you to pursue the workers compensation will help make sure that you get everything that you have coming to you, so you can begin to heal. There are no upfront fees and we fight aggressively for clients. Call the Snyder Law Firm today at (315)451-3040 or contact us online for a free evaluation. All conversations are confidential.

We handle cases in the Central New York area including Syracuse, Liverpool, Salina, Baldwinsville, Cicero, Clay and the Upstate New York region.

If you are injured in the Central New York Region, and need representation, contact a Workers’ Compensation lawyer near you who will be by your side to maximize the amount of compensation indemnity payments you will receive. If you are in the Syracuse area I would invite you to call my office at 1-315-451-3040 for a free consultation or visit my office website at

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